We have tried to answer all of your commonly asked questions below. However, if you can’t find the information you’re looking for please email swim22@diabetes.org.uk or call 0345 123 2399 and one of our team will be more than happy to help.

About Swim22

Why has the event been moved to 22 July?
What is Swim22?
Can I start swimming early?
Can I start swimming after 22 July?
Covid-19 and diabetes
Are pools open?
Am I likely to catch Covid-19 in the pool?
Swimming pools aren’t open yet – so what can I do if I sign up now?
I have finished my challenge, can I get my medal early?


How do I get help with my profile page?
Do I have to fundraise online?
How do I send in money raised offline?
How do I send in money donated on to my profile page?
Where can I download additional sponsor forms?
Do I need to create a JustGiving page?
Do you have any fundraising rewards?
How do I add my offline donation to my profile page?

Technical support and tracking your swims

Duplicate page: I've got a duplicate page with donations on. I want to close the duplicate page and move over my donations to my original page
What is your Swim22 profile page?
How do I track my swims?
Can I swim further or shorter distance?
Can I delete lengths from my page?
Can my team split the distance?
Can I change my distance?


How do I create a team?
How do I invite/add people to my team?
Can our team split the distance?
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Swim the distance of the English Channel towards a healthier you and transform the lives of those living with diabetes.

22 July to 22 October 2021

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