22 February – 22 May

Happening right now

"2 Little Ducks" swam 1600 metres

"2 Little Ducks" just got the Dolphin Rider badge

Lucy Trotter swam 800 metres

Alison Clark swam 450 metres

Alison Clark just got the Toe Dipper badge

Alison Clark just got the First off the block badge

Shirley Westcar-Kebby swam 500 metres

Nat Ring McBrien swam 1600 metres

Tash in a Flash Youngman swam 1000 metres

Konrad Wydra swam 1750 metres

Ruth Saunders swam 1632 metres

Paul Barlow swam 2500 metres

Priya Gill swam 750 metres

Hannah Maggs swam 50 metres

Hannah Maggs swam 1550 metres

Waitrose Bedford - Stewart swam 480 metres

Steven Hamilton swam 1000 metres

Fiona Green swam 800 metres

Adele! swam 1250 metres

Claire Gaffney/Dan Sheehan swam 1170 metres