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Thanks to everyone for helping me smash through my target of £250! I’m taking part in the Swim22 Challenge to support people affected by diabetes. There are 4.7 million people living with diabetes in the UK, the complications of which lead to over 500 premature deaths every week. My Nanna, Mum and a nephew suffer with this disease and I am borderline, so I’m swimming towards a healthier me, and a better future for people living with diabetes. Support my challenge by hitting the donate button on my profile page. It will be a hard slog for me but I will do my very best to complete the challenge. If you prefer not to do on line I understand, just let me know and I will add you to my sponsor sheet.

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Fundraising goal:£420.65 towards fundraising target of £250
Miles tally:19.01 Miles towards target of 11 miles

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Margaret Seymour

I was hoping to £450-500 total - however with Covid-19 crisis and the resulting loss of my job, pledges that were made in the workplace have not so far been fulfilled. I am hopeful those persons who pledged will donate directly to this page. Still going with the challenge!

Margaret Seymour

Well I am very happy that I have managed to complete the initial challenge. Due to Covid we have been told that other forms of exercise can count, so I have been walking and cycling to make up for not being able to swim! I am still going on with the swim (hopefully the pools will reopen soon and we have until end of October to participate). Always happy to take on line donations here on this page !!

Margaret Seymour

With this corona virus worry I am taking a slight back seat for a few weeks (I am in the older category at risk). However I fully intend to complete the challenge eventually! Thank you to all of you who have paid into the Diabetes UK site and to those of you who have pledged a further £40 on completion - I have done far better on sponsorship than I expected, raising so far £450, well above my initial target of £250!

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9 Sep 2020

Mark Abahams

Margaret Seymour
Many thanks Mark - much appreciated
17 Mar 2020

Ritika Das

17 Mar 2020

Christine Wildman

Keep up the good work
3 Mar 2020

Glenda Lanoix

Good luck
Margaret Seymour
Many thanks for your donation Glenda - lovely to see you back from Canada looking so well xx
1 Mar 2020

Steven Hack

Margaret Seymour
Many thanks for your donation Steven - much appreciated.

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22 February to 31 October 2020.

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